Industry dynamics

Guzhen Zhen "feather" prefix enterprises in full production.

release time:2015-09-25

The year draws to a close as the goose industry professional town Yu'an District Guzhen Town, the current has entered the white slaughtering and sales season, Guzhen Town each "feather" prefix enterprises ushered in a golden opportunity for a year in feather and down trading. Recently, I visited the town of Guzhen, a number of down feather enterprises, are a busy scene, the machine roar day and night non-stop, everywhere workers are busy back and forth. Due to the near section time down and feather trading volume soared, the workload is then increased sharply, some enterprises have started to hire, to lay the golden opportunity to trade battle.

According to incomplete statistics, only in November, the town achieved a total industrial output value of about 161 million 300 thousand yuan, export 9 million 70 thousand yuan. The Wanxi feather group, Li source down Co., Ltd., Austrian health industry & Trade Co., Ltd. three leading enterprises in the industrial output value as high as 66180000 yuan and development momentum strong, maintain a growth acceleration. As of the end of 11, the town has completed industrial output value of 1 billion 669 million 570 thousand yuan, is expected by the end of 12 the total industrial output value of up to more than 1 billion 800 million yuan.


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