Industry dynamics

Anhui Yu'an feather industry cluster

release time:2015-09-25

Is located in Guzhen Town, Yu'an District in the northwest frontier, the overall planning of the development of an area of 0.8 square kilometers, is a feather down, deep processing as the leading industry clusters.

After years of development, has emerged, such as Anhui Province Wanxi feather factory, Lu'an City Qiangsheng feather and down Co., Ltd., Lu'an Ao Kang industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Lu'an City Huanyu feather craft products factory, Lu'an City Anhui dragon feather factory and Lu'an City Hong Xiang down Co., Ltd. a group of dragon head enterprise, cultivate a group of please such as Wanxi feather, the gold standard, strong, Atlas card has a competitive advantage in the market BrandName. By the end of 2006, the industrial cluster has 12 companies, six of the leading enterprises, enterprise scale five, six supporting enterprises, the number of practitioners of 1322, industry concentration is up to 90%, clusters of enterprises realize output value of 350 million yuan, taxes of 300 million yuan, 10 million yuan of profits.

To vigorously enhance the degree of concentration of industries, focus on the development of economies of scale, according to the demand of industrial cluster development, has set up a "Town Industrial Economic Commission", "town merchants investment professional teams and other service agencies, has also been actively introducing social forces, on a regular basis for the enterprise to provide market information online, coordination of finance, land, industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection and other services.

The industrial cluster has the following characteristics: can drive the local and surrounding areas of white goose breeding, processing, to absorb rural surplus labor employment, increase revenue; the strong competitiveness of products, a large market space, and export foreign currency.

In 2010, settled enterprises will reach about 40, cultivate leading enterprises 20, 10 scale enterprises, realize output value of 8 billion yuan, 0.5 billion yuan in profits and taxes turned over to become the important strength to support the local economic development, thus promoting the rapid development of local economy.


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