Industry dynamics

Yuan: build the vigorous development of the feather industry economy

release time:2015-09-25

In recent years, in has a reputation as one of the four major distribution center down called Yu'an District Guzhen Town, in accordance with the requirements of the "industrial cluster, enterprise cluster, the main highlight, distinctive overall, to support the growth of the a group of large in scale, strength, technology content high down and feather products private processing enterprises, the town of down and feather industrial economy flourish.

In the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province, Anhui Province Wanxi feather factory, two production lines of washing is full load operation, four points hair machine 24 hours of production, in warehouse company nearly 100 production good high-end down will be shipped forelock abroad, it is understood, Wanxi feather factory mainly from various feather of acquisition, processing, sales is producing high quality feather and down products of professional manufacturers, registered in the State Administration for Industry and commerce "Wanxi" brand down and feather bedding in Anhui Province People's Government awarded the famous brand products. Wanxi feather group deputy general manager of the management of overseas Chinese told reporters, this year, the company operating in good condition, until the end of October, has been export $10.5 million, is expected to to target set at the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Company is the production of high-grade down are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other dozens of countries and regions, the products in short supply, the orders have been placed into next year, now enterprises are running at full capacity production, in accordance with the requirements of customers complete task orders.

And in Yujie down company. The original production has to meet the needs not to foreign merchants, the company recently input nearly one million yuan, the new a washing line, is tissue engineering and technical personnel, speeding up the construction, and strive to put into production as soon as possible. Yujie down company manager Xu Guoping said: "originally a day three tons about, not to mention yield up, machine running is not over, and now we have introduced a new a washing production line, production, yield can reach more than five tons."

In steadily down industrial development at the same time, Guzhen Town also increased support of Wanxi White Goose Breeding and feather handicraft processing industry, focused on enhancing the production capacity, extending industrial chain, promote leading enterprises and cluster in supporting enterprise coordination, common development. Lu'an City Ao Kang industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in July 2001 2001 years on the provincial foreign economic and Trade Committee approval, to obtain import and export right, mainly producing all kinds of feather crafts and badminton and racket, and other series products, products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. According to the Austrian company manager Wang Tian Ankang introduction, the company's production of feathers for the Hongkong trading company to do. Winter approaching, a lot of clothes manufacturers will find some accessories to decorate the clothes, or some of the festival decorations, all need this feather bar. Now there are tens of thousands of orders each month, the amount of tens of thousands of dollars, and now the workers are stepping up production, because we are very tight deadlines, need to ship as soon as possible.

Up to now, Guzhen Town Wanxi feather group and other 15 enterprises have the right to operate import and export, in small feather, feather processing enterprises reached more than 300, which 16 billion enterprise, 2012 down trading volume of 108.5 million tons, is expected to 2013 annual transaction volume of up to 14350 million tons, accounting for about 1 / 20 of the feather Rong trading volume; 2012 export $1.66 billion, is expected to 2013 export up to $285 million.


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